KM4Dev Annual Meeting 2005


  • Lucie Lamoureux


ILO, Geneva, Switzerland, 20-21 June 2005
Working title ? ?Making the Invisible Visible: Appreciating Cultural Dimensions'

The workshop objectives are to understand and appreciate the cultural dimensions to your current work; to improve your ability to see multiple perspectives, multiple cultural dimensions and cultures, through exposure and practice of practical tools and techniques; and thereby improve your ability to act on facets or elements of culture, to become more active and effective in shaping the cultures that shape us.

Why go? There will be many opportunities for learning exchanges between organizations, as well as Reflection / Flash Mob sessions. It will be different than previous workshops as it will have more of a Knowledge Fair flavour, with a lot of informal spaces to share your experiences.

To find out more or to register for this event, please e-mail Alim Khan at

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