Vol. 1 No. 2 (2005): Approaches to promote knowledge sharing in international development organisations

Guest Editors: Allison Hewlitt, Doug Horton, Nathan Russell and Simone Staiger-Rivas with Lucie Lamoureux International development organisations and their national and local partners are creating a wealth of knowledge that can help the poor build sustainable livelihoods. However, this knowledge, for one reason or another, is often retained by individuals and groups and is not widely shared within or among organisations. A great deal has been written about approaches to promote knowledge sharing, and knowledge management in general, within the private sector ? particularly in multinational corporations. In contrast, there is much less documentation on approaches that have been developed or adapted and applied in public and non-governmental organisations. This issue of the KM4D Journal presents papers on experiences with knowledge sharing in international development organisations, highlighting strategies and approaches used to foster knowledge sharing in diverse settings and presenting their results.
Published: 2005-09-20