The state of the art on knowledge integration across boundaries: key findings and emerging future issues


  • Wenny Ho
  • Josien Stremmelaar
  • Sarah Cummings


knowledge management, knowledge integration, seminar, co-creation, knowledge domains, evidence, rigour, research, policy, practice, Netherlands


This Community Note summarizes the background and findings of the two day seminar ?The state of the art of knowledge integration across boundaries? which took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in January 2012. One of the impediments to development approaches is commonly felt to be the fact that the different knowledge domains of researchers, practitioners and policy-makers are not working together to create new knowledge for development. Hence cross-domain knowledge integration ? understood as processes of knowledge co-creation linking domains particularly those of policy-making, science and practitioners ? has received increased attention. This seminar aimed to tease out elements and principles that determine effective knowledge creation processes.


Ho, W., 2011. Like a bridge over troubled waters: dialogues of policy, practitioner and academic knowledges. The Hague: Hivos; Bonn: IKM Emergent, European Association of Development
Research and Training Institutes (EADI). Available from: [Accessed 31
January 2012].






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