Vol. 2 No. 3 (2006): Bridging knowledge divides

Many development actors, comprising individuals, organizations and networks, are concerned with the knowledge gaps or divides within development. These divides exist between North and South, illustrated by the digital divide, but there are many more. These include the gaps in understanding of development and the perception of the reality between researchers in their ?ivory towers?, practitioners working on the ground, and the policymakers in large organizations or in government. This December issue of the Knowledge Management for Development Journal addresses the partnerships and other cross-cutting initiatives which are attempting to bridge or better understand knowledge divides. The emphasis is on the lessons from both successful and less successful experiences. It includes papers from practitioners, researchers and policymakers who have been involved with ?out of the box? thinking with partnerships and initiatives which have aimed to cross one or more knowledge divides.
Published: 2007-01-29


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