Communicate and collaborate to prepare for the unexpected: the International Institute for Communication and Development in the Netherlands


  • Caroline Figueres Figueres Consultancy


IICD, D4D, ICT4D, CoP, network, trust, knowledge, information, communication


20 years after its foundation in 1996, IICD, the International Institute for Communication and Development, definitively closed. Over the years, IICD proved that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can accelerate socio-economic development and that a methodology based on principles such as multi-stakeholder engagement, demand-driven approach and local ownership, is key to integrate and sustain ICT-enabled activities. IICD investments in enabling individuals, organisations and networks to adequately serve the ICT needs of local stakeholders resulted in conducive environments with experienced partners well suited to offer cost-effective and locally relevant ICT-enabled solutions.

Based on the experience of the writer this paper explores the impact of the organization, after five years in a fast changing environement. It also expresses her opinions and shares ideas related to the importance of knowledge sharing for preparedness in a post-pandemic world.


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