Knowledge Management Impact Challenge case story overview


  • Louise Clark


impact evaluation, case studies, KMIC, impact, networks


This article provides an overview of the key themes and lessons that emerged across the 47 case stories that were collected by the KM Impact Challenge. The paper starts by contextualizing the case stories and the diverse range of KM initiatives that were identified and explores the insights shared by the case story authors from their diverse experiences. Capturing evidence of use and uptake of new knowledge emerges as the key challenge faced by different types of KM initiatives. The article also explores our relationship with qualitative and quantitative data, with particular attention to our increasing use of webstats and agreement on the need to complement these with qualitative data to help tell our story. The case stories also highlighted the importance of using M&E systems to engage knowledge users through feedback mechanisms to enable them to contribute to shaping projects and technological solutions. The article concludes with an analysis of the common lessons that emerged across all case stories as well identifying the shared challenges that we face moving forward.