Reporting out from the KM Impact Challenge unConference: discussions, learning and a look towards the future


  • Marie-Ange Binagwaho
  • Louise Clark


evalution, social media, participation, unConference, networks


This report summarizes the major outputs of the KMIC UnConference which took place over two days in Washington, DC. The report highlights the use of social media and online participation for interested parties who could not attend in person, enabling them to interact with the unConference by watching keynote presentations and presentations of the top case stories online and sending comments and questions via webinar technology. The in-person attendees participated in discussion groups where various monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and knowledge management (KM) topics were addressed and discussion syntheses were shared in plenary and online via our blog, wiki and twitter feed. Finally unConference participants suggested follow-on activities designed to capitalize on the interest generated by the KMIC initiative.