Blogosphere review: Facilitating interactions through blogs and posts


  • Ewen Le Borgne


Facilitation, blogs, blog posts, collective action, knowledge management, graphic facilitation


Facilitation has invested the blogosphere, as one could expect. Various people are blogging about facilitation, collective action, organizing events, structuring group processes etc. although not many of them combine the lens of knowledge management with that of facilitation. There are, of course, many websites that provide facilitation tools, training, advices etc. One of the most prominent ones among these is the Knowledge Sharing Toolkit ( - accessed 28 April 2015) but this review is particularly about blogs, and the people that blog regularly about facilitation and could help you keep your facilitation practice up-to-date with new ideas. The following selection offers a glimpse of blogs you can find on the World Wide Web, as well as a short selection of specific blog posts that editors from this issue and members of the global community of practice ?Knowledge Management for Development? (KM4Dev) found particularly inspiring to consider the role and opportunities of facilitation in knowledge management for the development sector.


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