La capitalisation d?expériences à l?épreuve de la pratique au Niger et au Burkina Faso


  • Sophie Carole Treinen
  • Alice Van der Elstraeten
  • Frédérique Matras


capitalisation d?expériences, bonnes pratiques, gestion des connaissances, échange des connaissances, enseignements tirés, apprentissage participatif, genre, gestion des intrants agricoles, Niger, Burkina Faso


From 2009 to 2013, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has implemented the project "Capitalization of good practice in supporting agricultural production and food security" in Niger and Burkina Faso under the Partnership Programme FAO-Belgium "knowledge Management and kind." During these four and a half years, the "Capitalisation" tested and adapted methodologies developed by several organizations to capitalize on experience in management of agricultural inputs and to identify best practices. These methodologies capitalization based on a participatory learning process that involves the collaboration of many partners. Within this project, the themes covered by the funding focused on the management of agricultural inputs, gender and participatory methodologies for capitalization of experiences. Starting from a conceptual database schema that passes cyclically through several stages (action, reflection, documentation, sharing, ownership and so on), the capitalization process implemented and tested by the project has been successful and has learned from his mistakes. Readjustments thus proved necessary at regular intervals. All lessons have been learned from this experience contributed to the development of a methodology for capitalization. This methodology is the subject of a learning module that is being developed by the program "Knowledge Management and Gender" FAO in partnership with various stakeholders and development institutions







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