Guidelines for knowledge integration: navigating a myriad of perspectives


  • Wenny W.S. Ho


knowledge integration, practice, Hivos, social change, development projects, knowledge workers, tools


This contribution provides guidelines on how to develop knowledge integration. The guideline was originally developed for Hivos, an international development organisation located in The Netherlands. Although knowledge integration approaches have been introduced some years ago to tackle complex issues, application by a wider audience has encountered several obstacles. This guideline provides parameters for the use of knowledge integration in social change programmes. It aims at demystifying the concept by providing practical advice for three sets of professionals: managers overseeing social change programmes, professionals designated as knowledge workers, and programme staff in general. It ends by describing the sequencing of a generic knowledge integration process. Although operational, this sequencing draws on theoretical models rooted in learning and organisational change theories. It will help to weigh choices, to think through, explain and justify activities given the complexities of an emergent approach and a multitude of parties involved.