Resource centres set the tone for learning in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector


  • Ewen Le Borgne
  • Carlos Talavera
  • Aleida Martinez
  • Gerardo Martinez
  • Gustavo Heredía
  • Erma Uytewaal


knowledge management, water, saniatation


A group of organisations from the WASH sector in Latin America has set an ambitious regional programme to address sector learning in six countries of the Central and Southern American regions. Originally stemming from a regional alliance, the initiative has quickly developed into a multi-stakeholder and multi-level platform of dialogue and action, supported by knowledge management, knowledge sharing, improved documentation and joint learning in action research projects. The programme addresses local governance of water and sanitation facilities, from a sustainable resource management perspective. It builds upon a South-North participation of governmental bodies (at national and local levels), the civil society and technical partners and donors and has for the first time set knowledge management and sector learning at its cornerstone. The initiative involves general coordination, exchange and consolidation at regional level, and is fed by a country programme in Honduras which involves many key local and global organisations, to establish Resource Centres at national level and in the Atlantic region. It is hoped that these efforts will lead to a locally-owned and developing alliance of organisations to improve learning and facilitate actions of all stakeholders in the sector. This article addresses the mechanisms used, introduces the first outcomes and highlights the key challenges lying ahead.




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