Monitoring and evaluating a knowledge management initiative: Participatory Video for monitoring and evaluation


  • Isabelle Lemaire
  • Rebecca Savage


video, participatory video, communications, M&E, impact


Participatory Video (PV) is a process in which participants film, edit, and screen videos on topics important to their livelihoods and communities. PV can be used as part of a development project to enhance community participation, support project monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and gain and capture important insights from within the projects and communities on video. For over 10 years, InsightShare has been delivering PV training and has integrated PV into a range of development projects. Over time, we have evolved a standard yet flexible, context-specific approach to using PV, including using PV to support M&E. To assess PV as a knowledge sharing activity, InsightShare considers impacts on the project level, looking at changes and impacts on individuals and communities, as well as on the organizational level. Across our various projects, we always look for ways that the use of PV, and PV for M&E, can be strengthened and adapted to the various contexts in which it is applied.


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