Knowledge communities and the tsunami response: experience from the Crisis Prevention and Recovery Community of the UNDP


  • Gita Swamy


When the Indian Ocean tsunami struck the shores across South and South East Asia and East Africa in December 2004, many lives were lost, livelihoods were destroyed and hard-earned development gains were set back decades. UNDP's country offices and headquarters together with many other local, regional and international organizations responded quickly to the needs caused by the destruction in all affected countries. UNDP quickly deployed its experts for advice and guidance on tsunami related recovery initiatives.

Within days, UNDP's internal and global community of practice on ?crisis prevention and recovery' (CPRP Net) was mobilized to assist affected countries. Over a period of 6 ? 8 weeks, this community of practice and others within UNDP were actively and intensely supporting UNDP offices in the tsunami-affected areas through the provision of knowledge advisory services. How did this support unfold and what were the main lessons learned?